RapidPay is a cost effective way to collect your small balance accounts. For years providers have been faced with a dilemma - how to justify the collection cost of a small balance account.

A Simple Fact

Experts agree that one-third of all small balances are written off as "not worth" the effort or cost to pursue. Writing off a few small balances will not affect the net profit of a practice. However, writing off an overwhelming volume of small balances will dramatically hurt your net profit.

The Solution - Money-Producing Messaging

RapidPay will send up to 4 voice messages to any patient that has a “low balance” account (you determine what is considered “low balance”. The frequency of these messages has proven to be a key factor in timely collecting. The messages will remind your patient - in a friendly way - that payment is overdue. Included in your RapidPay plan is a thank you message from your office to the patient once the balance is paid.

The best part: all money is paid directly to you and there is no commissions to pay.